Did you know that there are thousands of grants from the government that are up for grabs?

This blog is your guide to government grants and other private and government funding programs available to different institutions. It provides resources, tips, and other forms of content that arm members of the grant community will find interesting and useful.

We want to help you get approved for your government grant application at no extra cost for you. That’s why we built this blog to compile every resource you need to use to widen your knowledge about every aspect of government grants such as application, proposal writing, and more. There are also articles that advise people to be extra careful when receiving calls to avoid being victimized by scammers who use the term “free government grant.”

Let’s make this an authentic knowledge-sharing platform and community to keep everything updated on the changes implemented by the government regarding its grant programs.

Thus, we also want to learn from you, read about your own experience writing or applying for a grant, and interact with like-minded individuals. If you have any ideas, tips, and advice about grants, contact Robert Patterson via sending an email message here: support@asklesko.com.

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