Are Drug Tests good for the economy?

Many companies follow the zero tolerance policy for drugs and conduct drug tests mandatorily. It does involve a lot of money and time before and after employment. People often wonder if these tests are really helpful at all. The question is if these tests are expensive and involve many work hours and then the process has to be repeated afterward at regular intervals, does it really benefit the economy?

Now the point is that if the companies do not conduct these tests before employing any new recruit, they are not only flouting the legal norms but this may also lead to certain future ramifications. On the other hand, a drug test adds some cost to the company which indirectly lowers the total compensation paid to the employees. The employees may also be unhappy with this sword hanging on their heads all the time. If you need to pass a drug test go here, and find all the relevant legal details and the find a safe remedy.

Though all drugs do not have similar effects on every person and the jobs in different companies need different skill sets, but most of the employers believe that a drug test helps to identify those employees who may cause trouble in future and therefore can be segregated for further action. For them, it is a financially sound decision and they prefer this spending now than when a situation escalates to the next level. It may happen that the employee, under the influence of some substance, gets into a physical fight with other employees or harms others and then the company will be held liable for all the sand compensation. Therefore, we can see that though expensive, the long-term benefits of drug tests outweigh the other arguments against it.

Some people feel that the use of certain drugs may enhance their productivity, but until the medical effects of such drugs are assessed and proven by scientists, it is better to follow the legal and ethical norms that are prevalent today. This will help you to hold on to the job that you really need and want and motivate you to pass the drug test successfully.

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