All you need to know about synthetic oil

The engine is a part of your car that is like the heart of the body. The performance of the engine affects the car’s performance directly. It is mainly the oil in your engine that is necessary for the functions and mileage. An extra can of the regular oil that you use in the car was an amazing thing to do while going for a lengthy journey. However, now there are variations of this oil called semi – synthetic oil. This goes well with certain car models. Again, there are fully synthetic oils that are available in the market. They are a mix of various chemical lubricants. They make your engine work at optimum level.

Synthetic oils are now gaining popularity for several car owners. One of the main reasons is that the ordinary oil that you use leaves behind residue over time. The hard and sticky compost creates issues with the engine parts. Synthetic oil is smooth, flows fast and with the regular oil usage, regular changes too are required for a healthy car engine. If you use synthetic oil, theses regular changes can be saved. This in turn reduces the trip to the car mechanic and finally the checking charges too. There are certain brands of synthetic oil that help to remove the old deposit standing from long time from older oil.

Regular oil reacts to climatic changes. For example, if it gets freezing cold, the oil gets thickened if you are using regular oil. However, with synthetic oil, this does not happen. In higher temperature too the synthetic oil has resistance to break down as it is made from specially formulated lubricants. The other main reasons why it is very necessary is because the synthetic oil protects the engine from sludge. The ordinary oil has irregular tiny parts so this gets rough during lubrication. But the synthetic oil has all same sized droplets which makes lesser friction under pressure. There are newer synthetic oils that also keeps chemical contaminants out so it does not slowly destroy your engine.

As per research shown in It is always better to use synthetic oil as opposed to regular oil in your car engine. Only if the car is straight from the showroom, you may want to avoid usage of synthetic oil for specific period of time & usage. Otherwise, synthetic oil is soft and smooth on various parts of the engine to help it move function properly. So before your engine is going to spoil go ahead and look for a synthetic motor oil that is compatible with your car engine. There are some makes and car models engines that may not take synthetic / chemical formulations, so check with OEM / experienced car mechanic.

The overall health and functions of your engine goes better when you switch over from regular oils to synthetic motor oil. It also will extend your engine durability as it cleans it from dirt and leftover compost which regular oil surely does not properly do. When you change the oil in your engine to a synthetic motor oil, then you will find the results are great for your car’s overall performance.

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